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Web and Mobile Application Development Protocol

Step 1. Project Initialization:

It includes the following steps

a. First thing First: NDA (Non-Discloser Agreement)

Giving respect to confidentiality of Idea/Product that will be shared by Product/Idea Owner (PO) and information that Qualhon will share, we do a legal NDA first.

b. Requirement Document

Understanding basic requirements of product from Product/Idea Owner (PO) and requesting product owner to create a simple document that should include

Purpose of product.
What we have right now.
What we need achieve.

Product owner can freely add anything else he wants, but to initiate project we need answers of above simple questions.

c. Discussion sessions with Product Owner (PO)

Based on the inputs provided by client we can have single or multiple discussion sessions to make sure we understand the requirement correctly and to explain technical feasibility of that requirement.

d. Proposal from Qualhon

Based on project discussions and requirement document, we will create a proposal document that will include whole project scope of work, time and cost estimations.

Step 2. Project Kickoff

Once we got formal approvals from PO, we do a formal kickoff of project from our side by taking following steps

Defining project Team and each individual role.
Defining Work breakdown structure
Defining Targets
Step 3. Project Development
UI UX Designing and defining flow of application.
Creating static build of application.
Database and API Development.
Backend Dashboard Development.
Front end Development
Step 4. Quality Assurance Testing
Step 5. Version Controlling
Step 6. Pre-launch Delivery

Once development is complete and tested for quality assurance, the testable version of the software is delivered to PO for user testing.

Step 7. Additional Change Requests:

PO can request additional changes in the application at this stage.

Proposal for those additional changes.
Working on changes.
Quality Assurance testing
Version controlling
Pre-launch Delivery
Step 8. Formal Sign-off
Step 9. Deployment

Once all the user tests have been successfully completed along with requested changes and PO has given formal signoff to deploy the project, the application will be released to your business accounts/domains and deployed.

Step 10. Product Support

We will put product support in place as per agreements.

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