Digital Marketing Process

Step 1. Project Initialization:

It includes the following steps

a. First thing First: Understanding the Business and the Goals
The very first step is to have a detailed discussion with the client so as to have a detailed idea of the business, it’s services or products and the goals that needs to be achieved via marketing.

b. Getting the Detailed Questionnaire filled from Client
Next action is to get the details, like nature of audience, the target geo areas, list of competitors and other business information.

c. Propose a strategy and Action Plan
Upon having a idea of the business objectives, the strategy and action plan is made to make sure that the client understands the flow and what results he will be expecting in the coming months.

d. Getting an idea of the keywords and finalizing them
After getting the idea of the keywords from the client, the action plan is to do a detailed analysis of the keywords and get them approved by the client to have a final copy of the targeted keywords.

Step 2. Project Kickoff

The next step is to execute the planned strategy and go step by step. Along with the execution, tracking is installed at the respective channels to make sure that the progress can be measured and the optimization steps can be planned.

Step 3. Measuring the Progress via Stats

After the execution of the various activities, the next step is to measure the stats to see which are the things that are leading to results and which are the ones that are not that fruitful. 

Step 4. Reporting

Creating weekly and monthly reports that can showcase the stats and keep an eye on the achievements and help planning the next steps in an effective way.

Step 5. Setting Up the Optimization Plan

After measuring the stats, the next step is to strategize how to optimize the things keeping in mind the activities that are moving towards success. Then the strategy needs to be modified and implemented in a way that boosts the current sales and ROI.