Whiteboard Animation Video Production Process

Step 1: Understanding the Idea – We need to understand the following:
  • Why client needs a video and why it should be a whiteboard video only.
  • What is their target viewers and what output they want from viewers they view the video?
  • What kind of message do you want to convey to the target audience / viewers of final video.

We can have a meeting to discuss these questions so that we can understand your idea and your requirement.

Step 2: Script – We would need a Script to convert to video, if you have a script we will follow it or we will proceed with writing a script.

During the scriptwriting process, we take all the information that was gained in Step 1 and turn it into an appealing script. We can adjust our writing style according to your needs, we can make it funny, authoritative, explanatory, etc. The script will convey your key messages and will provide a specific call to action of your choice. Once the script is written we send a copy to you for edits and comments. Revisions are then made to the script until it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

Step 3: Create Visual

We will go through it and will create unique visuals for you that fit with your Idea/company/product and are also compatible with your script. We will provide you sketches and you can provide your feedback on them. Visuals revisions will be unlimited from our side until it is accepted by you.

Step 4: Voice Over

Based on final script and visuals, we will get voice over done from a professional.

Step 5: Production & Revisions

I this step we will animate the illustrations live and digitally, mix them together with the voice-over and then add additional animations, sound effects, and music, to enrich your video and attract a wider audience. Once the video is completed it is sent to you for your comments and approval. The video will not move on to the publishing phase until all aspects of it fit your wants and needs.

Final Step: Publishing

Once your video is completed to your standards we will send it to you in various formats and help you with uploading it.

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