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Our Recent Work

Modern Mobile App Development


One of the Smallest GPS tracking devices that gives unique flexibility the Tracki 3G GPS tracker is a Worldwide device that allows you to track in any country.

Mobile Application Development

Drinkup - Modern Mobile App Development

DrinkUp Shop application offers Liquor purchase. You can order Liquor and the store will deliver the Liquor to your doorstep.

Web Design

Good Hostel

Feel the urgency to see yourself book your room immediately because our rooms get sold out quickly.

Book Good Hostel
Mobile Application Development


This web application was developed for a global giant Vodafone Inc. Vodafone wanted to facilitate their users with an application that can track the location and keep the record of places they have been. Our role was to read the data from the tracking device. That tracking device can be fitted into a vehicle or you can carry it in your pocket.

Mobile Application Development

Temperature Monitoring System

Temperature sensitive facilities such as cold storages always need constant checks on their temperature. So we have created an application that will constantly collect temperature related feeds with the help of digital temperature sensors that are connected to a minicomputer device that keeps on pushing the records to our cloud server.

Mobile Application Development

Spirit - Meet Amazing People

This application is developed for Android platform and live in all the countries in all various laguages. Users can register themselved by adding some details and will get the partners accordingly. The automatch functionality will facilitate you to get perfect match. You can Boost you profile or chat will unlimited girls by purchasing the available subscriptions

Mobile Application Development


"Engage and empower your team with the Legion Mobile app. In just a few taps, team members can keep you updated on their work preferences and availability, and Legion ensures that they are factored in the schedule. Notify team members when work schedules become available. Send targeted shift offers to available team members in real-time, drive team participation and ownership while fulfilling open shifts and callouts."

We Recently Worked For


Customer Support Service

We specialize in providing text-based, inbound, and outbound customer services in a wide range of business services. Our low-cost business models suits a variety of businesses worldwide.

How we started
Providing customer support service was never our cup of tea. Qualhon was only focused on delivering web and mobile solutions. But at the end of 2018, when we delivered a product and it reached thousands of customers, the respective client came up with the requirement of providing customer support. We proudly took this opportunity, and after seeing its success we decided to expand the team and were able to add virtuous individuals to it. Afterwards, the client referred us to his fellow members as well. Since then, we are providing Customer Support services with flying colours. The happy accident led us to another amazing field where we gained expertise within a short span of time.

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What our client's says

"I am sending this note to let you guys know that I appreciate all the fantastic work Qualhon has done. They have done a tremendous job.

Jose Nino
InTouch Services

"Fantastic Job again, I will only use Qualhon Informatics Private Limited, they are very proffessional, do a great job, I highly recommend them."

Jonathan Foskett

"Harjot is dependable and responsible contractor. He has plenty of knowledge and may well suit your project."

John Brisbane
BoaB interactive

"This man is going to Hollywood! Great work on the video and a very quick turnaround. I will for sure keep him on for my future projects."

Erlend Sand
360 Marketing Group

"Harjot and his team are professional and fast and they make sure the client is happy overall with their work. Harjot is easy to communicate with and is a good listener. I recommend them."

Howard Lim
How Creative

"Rahul is quite experienced and reliable. When it comes to communication, it's quite easy to work with him. Delivers in time and can find the best way to achieve the result. Happy to work again in the future"

Bulat Kaliev
Prdkt App

"I wanted to thank each one of you for your incredible at InTouch project. It was not a comfortable journey, and I am pleased to say that Qualhon team did a fantastic job.

Aaron Fitzgerald

We are Qualhonians

Qualhon Informatics Pvt. Ltd. is one of the few Indian Software Development companies committed to doing business in an Ethical, Sustainable and Transparent manner. We believe in the basic principle of treating our clients, our employees and our planet with care, compassion, and respect.

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