All About Kartra – The Marketing Platform

All About Kartra – The Marketing Platform

Business growth does not always have to mean spending a huge chunk of your budget on upscaling and marketing. Why spend thousands of dollars monthly when you can achieve the desired goals for less money and effort?

Hiring professionals and buying software for creating multiple landing pages, data analysis or email marketing, can create a monthly expense of $500-$10,000 and more, depending on the business.

But, there’s an easier way out.

Kartra is the all-in-one marketing platform that saves you money, time and effort. It brings every aspect of online business operations into one, easy to use, cloud based software. And can get you started for as low as $99 per month.

So, is it the right marketing platform for your business and should you invest in it? Let’s help you decide.

What Is Kartra?

Kartra is best described as an all-in-one funnel builder where businesses can access features for every aspect of marketing, sales and customer support. It is a centralized software designed by Genesis Digital with a comprehensive suite of features for business operations and marketing.

Kartra has a cloud based storage making it easily accessible and manageable by multiple team members. Additionally, its unique features make it a preferred tool for multiple B2B, B2C and ecommerce businesses.

Key Features of Kartra

  1. Website and Page Builder
  2. Video Hosting
  3. Email Marketing
  4. SMS Marketing
  5. CRM
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. Helpdesk and Customer Support
  8. Automated Sales Funnel
  9. Forms and Surveys
  10. Checkout Management
  11. Marketplace
  12. Behavioral Adaptive Marketing

Who Can Use Kartra?

Kartra has a fairly easy to use UI/UX and multiple integrations and essential elements useful for all businesses. It can be a useful software for entrepreneurs, coaches, consultancy services, retailers, membership services, content creators, ecommerce businesses, marketing agencies and potentially every business in the digital space.

While Kartra is convenient for most businesses, it is packed with multiple tools that can often be overwhelming for someone starting out in online business. So, it is ideal for business veterans with some level of experience in business and marketing. As for the new users, there are easily accessible modules as well as professionals to help with the functionalities and different elements within Kartra.

Kartra Use Cases for Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Online Businesses

Create Websites and High Converting Landing Pages

Kartra features over 100 high converting templates for pages. You can select the page type you need, i.e checkout, thankyou page, blog page and more and preview each template before beginning.

Every element of the page template is customizable allowing you to change color schemes, fonts, sections or add sales boosting elements like testimonials section, review sections, exit forms and more. Additionally, you can upload media of your preference and integrate the same on the page with a mere drag and drop.

While building the page, you can adjust multiple SEO parameters in the page builder including metas, alt tags, primary keywords, images, etc. And with page analytic tools like heat map, you can gather data for different parameters and optimize the same within the builder.

All pages created using the Kartra page builder include the SSL certificate at no extra cost and you can get it live in your domain or subdomain.

One exceptional feature of Kartra page builder is its behavioral marketing where you can determine which element is shown or hidden from a visitor based on the tag (new, repeat, registered) allocated to them.

Launch Email Marketing Campaigns With Kartra Automation

Kartra email automation is a powerful tool allowing businesses to set up and launch multiple campaigns. While it has its own email automation called Kartra mail, businesses can opt for other third party email integrations on the platform like Postmark, Mailgun, SendGrid and Elastic Email. Each one can be smoothly integrated to landing pages, marketplace, video hosting, etc.

The platform offers multiple email templates to automatically create professional emails. It also offers access to statistics like open rate, CTR and more.

You can also opt for SMS marketing in Kartra using third party integrations like Plivo, Twilio and Vonage.

Leverage Kartra Membership For Exclusive Content

Create exclusive membership sites on Kartra. With fully customizable site builder options, create platforms for membership only content like online courses, video content, etc. You can display banner ads, create membership tiers, schedule content and access membership sire analytics (subscription rate, average retention rate) easily.

Easy Video Hosting With Kartra

Host videos on Kartra and replace YouTube and Vimeo. Add these videos to your landing pages and lower loading time. It also lets you keep track of how much a lead watches and tag them based on the data. The watch time data can also be used to trigger automations like emails, SMS and pop-ups.

Optimize Performance With A/B Testing

Kartra allows users to conduct basic A/B testing on the platform. You can employ split testing in the following ways:

Landing Pages: Test different templates, CTAs, layout, images, etc.
Emails Campaigns: Test subject lines, templates, CTAs, etc.
Sales Funnel: Try different upsells, downsells, funnel sequences, offers, etc.
Forms: Test the design and copy.
Membership Sites: Test the design, copy, access levels, etc.

Capture Leads And Improve Engagement With Surveys and Forms

Experiment with different lead capture form designs and templates with Kartra. It tracks the input and creates lead lists automatically for quicker import and analysis.

Kartra also has customer feedback and engagement features like surveys and quizzes which can be used to create a tailored experience for users. Add personalized questions and follow ups by dragging and dropping elements per your preference. You can enhance your funnels and initiate email sequences based on survey or quiz results.

Kartra Pros Kartra Cons
  • Cost effective
  • Smooth integrations
  • All-in-one Tool
  • Cloud software
  • Good customer support
  • Accepts trials and one time payments.
  • Not for complex processes of big scale organizations or businesses
  • UI/UX can be overwhelming for new users.
  • Does not support cold emails.
  • Data migration can be an issue.

Kartra replaces multiple teams and softwares with one software. The convenience it offers is worth it for sole proprietorships, small and medium scale businesses. If you think it can help upscale your online business, hire professional Kartra consultants to find the best Kartra packages for your business. The experts will guide you through the Kartra pricing details and help you get started with the software.