Does your business need an App for better engagement? Find out

Does your business need an App for better engagement? Find out


You carry them around wherever you go. It is impossible to think of a minute without them. Didn’t get what we are talking about? Fingers are towards the handy device which has become an integral part of our lives. Yes, it’s your mobile phone.

Now take a moment and think about what you do most on your phones besides calling of course. These are the apps that keep you engaged and never let you live alone. The online world is inundated with apps even for the simplest thing you desire. But have you ever thought of getting an app for your business?

If you are new to the business world then you may be enthused to get your business to reach the maximum number of people. Or if you are an old player, your target is to expand the business in the market. Did it ever strike in your mind that playing the cards right on the internet can boost your business promptly?

Today, apps are not only confined to a certain type of business. Just look at our domestic market. From Uber, Zomato, Paytm, Netmeds to Myntra, Flo, Netflix, etc. Name a thing and you’ll find an app for it. Still thinking of getting one or not is haunting? Scroll down to find an answer.

Manifest Personalization

Creating an app for your business provides a sense of personalisation to your customers. They are given access to manifest information the way they desire.

Suppose yours is a shopping app like Myntra. You know people are always occupied. Hence, sparing a few moments on shopping is near to impossible for them to afford. Hence the shopping needs are sorted and categorised to make the navigation easier for the customers. Your aim is not only to get the app downloaded but make people use the services you are providing.

The same goes for the sellers. The app, still talking about Myntra only, provides easy accessibility to the interested vendors. They can categorise the shopping material in different groups, aiming to reach a maximum number of customers and gaining more profits.

This is just an example. If you think of any other app available in the market with a huge user count, you can analyse the common strategy followed by each company i.e. to channelise things in the simplest ways possible. The delivery ought to be in a way to ensure maximum engagements and more conversions.

More Value to the clients

What is the basic definition of business? You come up with something and there is the market with their wallets open. Everyone wants that, right?

This reciprocation can be achieved only when you provide your clients with something they can’t get in somewhere else. Giving extra points on each purchase or order, cashback on certain payments and more preferences on referrals, are some of the tricks the high-profit companies had adopted on their apps.

For example, Google Pay offers you a cashback facility on referrals, likewise, on opting for certain recharge plans you get a free subscription for some OTT platforms. These tricks not only lure and keep the customer engaged but promote more in-person advertisements.

Solidify the connection between two

Gone are the days of traditional work life. People are now working day and night shifts. Now think it this way, your target customer is intrigued by something you are providing in the market. Traditional way bounds you and them into fixed hours. This ultimately makes connectivity austere.

Your business is customer-centric, right? Hence, your priority should be to provide seamless connectivity to your customers. If your customer wants to go through your business at 3:00 in the morning, they should be served. If you still are following the conventional way then there are chances of them turning their back on you.

With an interactive app, you are providing a hurdle freeway for the customers to get in touch with you. And if it impresses them they will make a purchase otherwise any revert is unlikely.

A better communication

Being handy and mobile bound apps provide your customers with something others can’t. The facility is to communicate with you without facing much trouble. All they need is a good internet connection and a smartphone.

Being available for your customers makes them feel valued, eventually, they will cherish this association and cutting this bond off is not likely.

Upheave in gains

With more connectivity and improved communication, the customers (potential and existing) will utilise the services you are offering. And that’s what you aimed for from the very beginning.

You not only want more engagements but people to use your services. That can be achieved by making them feel valued and use your services with an interactive and impressive app.

If you are still in a dilemma to have or haven’t an app, then these quick answers will help you with the decision making.

  • Apps are more convenient
  • Users can access them anytime they want
  • Device bound
  • More options at one place
  • Easy usage
  • Accessibility refined.

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