App vs Website: Pick the right choice for your Business

App vs Website: Pick the right choice for your Business


We are living in an era dominated by mobile phones. With the internet gaining popularity, people want everything handy and within a limit of a few clicks or swipes. Thus, running a business and delivering a product or service at present time is influenced by handy, tech-developed gadgets. A smooth and easy reach ensures a better response from those you are targeting.

Firms earning a huge share of profit today do know that mobile channels attract customers (existing and potential as well). But optimization of apps and improvisation of user experience have a huge impact on conversion rates. Let’s find out which one- an App or a Website- will serve the purpose in a better way.

The Basic Difference

Before proceeding with any clarification, we must tell you that the sun shines a little brighter in a different way on both sides. While some businesses think having an App and a Mobile Website is a good idea, others just pick one suiting their requirements. There are several factors- cost, maintenance, durability, updation, and others to name a few, to help you choose the best one to accomplish your needs.

Studies made it clear that mobile applications are more preferred in comparison to websites. Being handy and bestowing a sense of personalisation are the two main reasons to be chosen out of the two. But a website has its merit too.

The Demand of time

People are getting more and more advanced with each passing day. The amount of time they spent scrolling, surfing, and using electronic gadgets increased drastically. The number of mobile phone users has surpassed 3 billion, a predicted count, and this is expected to grow further by several million in the next few years.

Pros & Cons

Comparing the two, App and Website. Both of them possess some merits and demerits on their side.

1. Interactivity- On a scale of 10, App gets 8 for being more interactive. Once downloaded their presence is guaranteed in your gadgets. Their longevity, however, is subject to your call.

2. Personalization- Mobile Apps offer better personalization in comparison with a website serving the same purpose. The communication is tailored according to the user’s behaviour. They provide the facility to set the preferences as per the requirements of different customers, thus expedite more customized content. Ergo, considering this factor app gains 9 out of 10.

3. Compatibility- Websites are compatible with any search engine. While apps are specifically designed according to the different mobile operating systems, Android, iOs and Blackberry.

4. Notifications- With emails getting out of trend push notifications are becoming a popular choice for businesses to communicate with the users. Here you need to understand the basic difference between in-app notifications and push notifications.

Users get in-app notifications once they open the app while push notifications are being received even when the user is not using the device. And it has been observed that 40% of people clicked on push notifications, generating a conversion out of click.

5. Approachability- To use a website, one needs an internet connection. Absence of which makes it impossible to look into it. In contrast, once downloaded users can have access to the app even in the absence of the internet, though functioning requires connection, it doesn’t restrict your approachability to it.

6. Longevity- Your customer might get excited and download the app, but being downloaded doesn’t define its longevity on their device. After some time they might lose interest and delete it from there. Which is impossible with a Website. One cannot determine its life or longevity anywhere. Whenever you want you can access the website anytime, anywhere on the globe (considering a network available).

7. Reachability- A mobile website has a broader reach compared to an app. The user doesn’t have to put efforts to download it. They can get in touch with the content anytime, at their convenience.

8. Updation- Websites are updated automatically. Whereas, an app demands your manual effort. If ignored for a long time, it may not work as well as you wanted. Like, if you lay aside to update your WhatsApp for a certain amount of time it will stop working once you cross the considerate time limit. You may face problems accessing and using it.

9. Sharibilty- It is always easier to share the content of a website on different platforms. Whereas certain features of an app restrict this facility for the users.

10. Availability- Mobile Websites are instantly available. Since apps are operating system orientated, sometimes searching on different OS can be tiresome and unfruitful too.

Right Place for your search

The vision for the business is clear in your mind. You have set a specific group as your target audience and you know what your needs are. Since, it is the decision of firm owners to get an app or a website or both for a better reach to the audience, a well planned mobile strategy for your organization would be the beginning step to success. We, at Qualhon, can help you in making informed decisions with the right project plan to achieve your objectives.

For more information reach out to us today. Let’s get going!

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