Why are Motion Graphic videos important to your business?

Why are Motion Graphic videos important to your business?

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Has it ever happened to you that when you read something and after a while, you feel that you have not got a single thing inside your head? And to understand it, you need to go through the whole matter once again! Re-reading a previously seen thing is Regression. Well, there is no problem with your brain or your understanding capability. This is how human brains are designed. Out of the total information transmitted to our brain, 90% is in the form of visuals. Yes, it is true.

There are studies that show that people retain 95% of a video message than other sources of information. Taking the basic nature of human brains into cognizance, profitable businesses are using motion graphic videos to convey their message to the target audience. And guess what, their motive is being fulfilled.

Motion Graphics in Vogue

Graphics are innovative, attractive and appealing. People are drawn towards them. Ask yourself, when you scroll through the internet and suddenly you get back to something because with a blink of an eye you saw something was moving. Haven’t you ever done that?

It is the motion that captures your attention and you are compelled to glance at it without forcing yourself up to learn something from it. The process goes smoothly. Of the total population, 65% consider themselves as visual learners. The message is transmitted, processed and retained without any stress. This is because the brain can process visuals better than text.

A recently launched report by Cisco ascertained that by 2022 of all internet traffic, 82% will comprise video viewers. To your surprise, it has been found that video marketing has helped in the growth of business revenues by 49%. Which is a pretty huge share of the percentage.

Visual Aids at the core

The presence of motion graphics can be found since ancient times. It is a type of animation but both the terms are not mutually exclusive. It explains the animated Graphic Design. They are visual aids at their core. By making it easy to understand the complicated message with the help of graphic videos, motion graphics are serving their purpose very well.

More Conversions generated

Since viewers retain the message behind it, it has become an ideal way to generate more conversions over various platforms. According to Hubspot, almost 90% of customers remember a video they watched in past months. It is so because videos create empathy. After watching a video, the viewer is not only carried by that emotion but compelled to take a specific action about it.

Let’s get started

Since motion graphics generate better engagements, traffic and conversions, it would be a neat choice to embed them into your landing page and post them on social media as well. The answer to your why is, doing so can increase conversions by 80%. Also, more than half of the target audience associates with a brand only when they see a video of them on social media.

Before proceeding any further, you need to understand why there is a need for a motion graphic video for your brand.

  • They communicate better with the audience
  • Unsaid things are heard at ease
  • Customers withhold the information way better than other means.

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