Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Digital Marketing

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence
Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Digital Marketing

In 2018 there have been path-breaking advancements in technology since the beginning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the newest addition to this list. In these days AI is the trending topic of discussion among digital Marketers. When Google Introduced Rankbrain Update, It was clear that AI will have an impact on the realm of digital marketing. Digital marketing is one of the primary applications of AI, Use of an algorithm which is inspired by AI was a clear sign that one day it shall rule the empire of digital marketers. AI enables a better user experience, and targeted marketing to offer businesses with higher ROI.

Some Digital Marketers afraid that machine Learning will replace them but it is not true. AI will help to improve the Digital Marketers to analyze a large set of data and to present them in an understandable analysis which can be used by the digital marketers to gain new insights without any extra efforts.

1. Better User Experience: The main purpose of a search engine is to provide the most relevant or accurate information to improve the user experience. A good user experience is the only thing that keeps the audience flowing to the website. With the use of AI in Digital Marketing, one can understand the target audience better and can focus to interact with them effectively.

2.Improved Advertisement: Advertisements are the perfect way to promote any product. A great advertisement plays vital role to turn a product into brand. AI help to collect user data and one can create ads according to audience preferences.

3.Increase ROI (Return on Investment): As we discussed earlier with the help of AI we can understand the user behaviour, so according to audience interest, it provides better help to get great ROI. Social Media Images get 2 times more engagement and AI software is capable to analyse images in even social media and compare it to a large image library to draw better conclusions.

4.Simple or Easier Decision Making: When user browses on the internet new data is collected for AI analysis and according to this collected data marketers can understand the user behaviour, needs and can provide most relevant information to improve the user experience.

5.Better Use of AMP: AMP web pages are the advance version of web pages which are used to reduce the page load time. It is mainly designed to reduce the page load time. The main Purpose of AI is to help to make a website unique, engaging.

Now one question will definitely revolve in your mind, How the AI is implemented in Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing is growing very fast and there are great opportunities available here in terms of AI. AI can offer in this field is its predictive analysis, the betterment of customer service, and enhancement of the user experience.

Artificial Intelligence in Pay Per Click: The effectiveness of PPC campaign depends on the accuracy of the data. Machine Learning helps to meet the PPC Goals. The use of Machine Learning tools can rally up the workforce. We can easily analyse the business and can take decision accordingly.

Impact of AI in SEO and Content Marketing: AI is also helpful in defining the quality of content. The main focus is to provide high-quality informative content Rankbrain Algorithm is mainly designed to serving the relevant resource to the audience.In future, there are a lot of applications regarding content creation, SEO, and AI.

So It’s totally on Marketers how they use AI to increase ROI, Multiply sales and improve their relationship with customers.