Why Marketing Digitally?

Why Marketing Digitally?

Thinking of Digital Marketing
Thinking of Digital Marketing

With every passing day, the internet is adding more customers to it. Today, growing a business can only be possible if you make your online presence count. Growth of technology and an effective internet marketing strategy can help you to get more leads. Reports say more than 70% of people want to learn through content on the internet than traditional marketing methods.

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Why Marketing Digitally?:- Your customers are always online. They are searching for businesses similar to yours on the internet. Digital Marketing helps you to advertise your business on the web. There are various ways to do it, Recent findings show that social media content (92%), e-newsletters (83%), website articles (81%), blogs (80%), and in-person B2B content marketing is only 77% effective.

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How does it impact your business?

Internet marketing is more effective than the traditional one because your customers are in constant touch with their e-devices. It will provide a single platform to connect with you via various channels. Creating a base for regular and smooth conversation makes them value your business and the chances of having them as your future customers also get higher.

Traditional Marketing v/s Online Marketing

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Traditional Marketing: It’s a one-way conversation. Suppose you published an ad in a newspaper, you can’t be sure about the percentage of people who get acquainted with your business. Maybe your business is very valuable and you spent a wholesome amount to get it noticed but very few people came to know about it. And if so, there is no guarantee that they will come to you. Customers will think of you as a seller only and by the end of the newspaper, they might forget about it.

Online Marketing: You create a two-way conversation. Letting billions of potential customers know about you. The chances of converting these conversations into preferred customers are much higher. Since the internet has every information, it is easier for people to reach out to you. It makes them feel more welcomed. They can search more about you, look for the services you provide and connect with you anytime they wish to. This strategy is more dynamic to grow your business because different people have different schedules, work timings & social life. Hence they can contact and connect with you according to their ease. Also, customers want to see more than just a number, therefore using various channels increases the percentage of getting noticed on the internet. It also provides a valuable source of information, helping them in the purchasing process.

Still got doubts?

Although all the reasons above are enough for you to make your tactics more dynamic. But, if you still are having doubts then keep these in mind-

  • Growing more customers requires new leads. Online platforms provide you to reach out to hundreds of leads at a single point of time.
  • It creates quality traffic. For example, one is searching for a good salon nearby, they are new in town. You have one and all the professionals are highly skilled, providing home service is your plus point. But how can he (foreigner) know about you? Simple, make your presence count online and when the potential customers look for services like yours, your name will pop out. It helps you to get recognized and refine internet traffic as per his (customer) needs.
  • It enables you to personalize your marketing strategy.
  • Cost-effective. In comparison to the traditional method digital marketing is cheaper. And creating awareness about you is also higher.

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